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Food and Body Sanity Guide to the Holidays

The Holidays are coming! While everyone around you seems to be excited about “decking the halls” and singing joyous “fa-la-las,” you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed and concerned about the seemingly endless food and drink free-for-alls. It’s okay to feel challenged during the Holiday Season but don’t let it derail your anti-diet and body Read More…

What is Intuitive Eating? (Part Four)

Hopefully you made it through Part One, Part Two, and Part Three of this series on Intuitive Eating and have now arrived at the last principle:   Honor Your Health: Gentle Nutrition   Finally, we come to the piece of the puzzle where most diets and healthy lifestyles kick-off: nutrition.   Of course, nutrition and Read More…

What is Intuitive Eating? (Part Three)

Following on the principles described in Part One and Part Two, here are the next few principles or skip ahead to Part Four to wrap it up:   Feel Your Fullness   Eating tastes good. A lot of the time. In our food landscape of super processed and hyper-palatable foods, it’s very easy to ignore Read More…

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