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Kortney and I have been working together for almost a year and my relationship with her has created a tremendous support structure for me. Kortney is very intuitive in discovering what people needs are and is super passionate about helping people through their challenges. She’s always there when you need her and she truly designs an experience just for you. In my case, I started with this very rigid and strict thinking about food and exercise highly driven by media and societal expectations. I fully believed that I am not allowed to be allowing myself to get out of the box of “normal and healthy food” and if I were to do it, I should be punished. Inevitably, that ended up stressing me additionally about food which added backfiring negativity to my already stressful and busy days. Having Kortney to lean on has helped me realise that it’s okay not to be perfect in absolutely everything and it’s okay to enjoy life with food and exercise and whatever is it that you like when you feel like it.  

Having been involved with CrossFit for nearly seven years, I’ve been around the block in terms of eating habits whether it was paleo, macro counting, weighing and measuring, or paying for someone else to prep my meals. I don’t think many in the CrossFit world would want to admit that those are in fact “diets”, which is one of the first things Kortney helped me to understand. I was pretty wrapped up in what and how much I was eating, which led to becoming more concerned with how I looked rather than how I felt or performed. After a couple of months working with Kortney I was already able to disconnect from these habits and understand where they came from in the first place. I’ve continued to build such a better relationship with food through intuitive eating and am so thankful for Kortney’s support and guidance along the way.

I first approached Kortney to help me fuel for weightlifting competitions, but in a grown up and sensible way. It quickly became clear that my schedule would not allow for the training or the planned competitions. So Kortney helped me listen to what my body needed at any given time, as I travel a crazy amount. I pass several time zones over several weeks at a time and I am exposed to all kinds of foods, weather, sleep patterns, and stress. Before working with Kortney, I tended to be a ball of stress, with a funny tummy and wild sleep and I tended to push myself once home to get back to training. She’s helped me plan ahead for tasty healthy foods that help with recovery. She’s encouraged me to listen to when I need sleep, rest, recovery and finally training. I bring snacks for the journey. I have tasty things waiting at home upon the return. But most importantly, Kortney reminded me to tune in, listen, and respond with kindness to myself.

Also, it is so awesome to work with a coach who is on a positive, intuitive, thoughtful journey herself. It is great to work with someone who is honest about their path and who listens to where exactly her client is in my own journey and reflects back a course of action that reflects my current state. It feels incredibly empowering to walk that path alongside a woman and a coach you respect. We all have our deviations and we are all traveling along the way.

I have learned SO MUCH during the past 16 months and I am SO happy to see that we have successfully managed to build a really solid foundation for a healthy relationship with food and with my body. The journey is still to be continued, but I do really consider what we have done in the past 16 months as a HUGE accomplishment! I can’t thank Kortney enough for her guidance and for how much knowledge she’s shared with me, and thank her for taking me on this coaching and “Intuitive Eating” journey!  Even now I really enjoy going to train, and don’t go through the crazy phases of “I should go train, but I don’t feel like going, etc.” like I used to in the past with Crossfit and the guilt associated with it. It has put so many things into perspective!!!

I’ve really enjoyed working with Kortney and learning from Kortney. I’ve learned a huge amount over the last year about well-being, balance and the importance of mindfulness when making choices about food, exercise, and weight. She’s a true professional and her wealth of knowledge is phenomenal!