Holiday Exhaustion? Here’s my Cheat Sheet for Feeling Better

I created this cheat sheet over a month ago fully knowing I’d need to draw from it myself as December progressed towards Christmas. I LOVE the Holiday Season. There are so many activities and festivities, and then, BAM, here I am, struck down with a cold from allowing myself to get a little too stressed and run down. I knew I would need this reminder! (Especially the whole “You don’t have to ‘win’ Christmas” bit!)

While I personally find the holiday season festive and fun, I also realize it’s a difficult time for a lot of people–beyond the self-imposed stressors of the season to decorate and bake and entertain, some people are lonely, missing loved ones, or struggling with mental illness or even heightened anxiety during the season. It can be a rough time to navigate, so here are a few reminders to help you through the remainder of the season all the way to the New Year and beyond.

Merry Christmas! (And if your Christmas isn’t feeling merry, that’s okay, too. Sending you love.)

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