Body Acceptance During the Holidays

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Thanksgiving weekend just kicked off the Holiday Season with a bang for me this year! Days on end of celebrations, wining and dining, and enjoying the festivities with loved ones and family. I had a blast over Thanksgiving and look forward to continuing for weeks to come!

For many, however, Thanksgiving can also kick off the Holiday Season full of dreaded diet talk, weight and body shaming, or can lead folks to feelings of anxiety or discomfort in their own skin. This might even trigger the cycle of binge eating, guilt, restriction, self-consciousness, and fear over holiday weight gain.

Here are a few of my top tips for navigating the Holiday Season while caring for yourself and respecting your body.

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With a conscious effort, it is possible to cultivate an accepting and intuitive relationship to food and your body. The idea of “holiday weight gain” can truly become a non-issue! As in, literally, not a thing to fear or be concerned with AT ALL. (How great does that sound?!)

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Happy Holidays!!!

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